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Principal Consultant

Doug Wells is a technology leader who seamlessly integrates geographically and culturally diverse resources into self-driven teams and creates business driving IT organizations highly focused on continuous product evolution and value delivery.

With a hyper-focus on procedural and architectural simplification, Doug's teams have consistently set the benchmark in value delivery and efficiency. By creating a culture of trust and excellence, these teams have experienced near zero attrition—both internal employees and partners. Doug's been able to do this by weaving business and IT strategy together and by leveraging 30+ years of experience in driving success across all phases of the product delivery lifecycle; holding executive and leadership roles in engineering, operations, IT, product development, and portfolio management.

Doug has worked for Fortune 10 companies and small to mid-size companies with impressive results. His teams have been recognized for innovative products that they deliver as well as the simplified value delivery ecosystems that we established to deliver and evolve these products. Doug has often been called to assist other organizations who are constrained by the speed of delivery with their product lifecycle and unable to make the transitions necessary to successfully compete in a digital economy.