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Lost in Translation

Jeff has been around LeadingAgile for many years. He graduated with an Industrial & Systems Engineering Degree from the University of Florida and after several consulting internships decided Transformation was the most meaningful work he could do. Jeff's first job was building models for civil engineers where he had to have a critical eye for details but also be ready to express how they fit into the bigger picture. To him, systems thinking is a guiding principle not only in work but in the larger pursuit of living a meaningful life.

In Jeff's experience, the conversation around a new way of working doesn't become real until we involve the tooling necessary to see it in action. Jeff has implemented Agile Lifecycle Management tools like Jira to visualize not only the usefulness of a well-configured tool, but the methodology behind how it gets people to collaborate effectively. Driving at this deeper understanding past "how do I do my job", is central to the spirit Jeff brings to the engagement team.

In bringing this vision to life, Jeff has been instrumental in developing The Playbook, the living methodology document defining the "plays" to execute the Transformation. Working alongside clients to co-create this knowledge base, he brings his creative talents to bear in evangelizing this broader message out across the organization.

In his free time, Jeff plays music and writes on philosophy for his blog. He lives in paradise, a short walk from the gentle Gulf of Mexico, but loves travel and is always seeking adventure.