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It is one thing to hire a consultant that can deliver material, it is another thing to hire a master. Mike is the latter and if you are looking to grab the essence of Agile and make it your own, Mike is your man. He brought us what we needed to transform the entire organization and that is why I am spending the time to write this review.
TK Keanini Lancope,
Mike and his team from LeadingAgile did a great job moving our engineering and product management teams to an Agile Scrum approach that works for Surescripts. LeadingAgile lead the initiative from initial assessment and training to full implementation within 4 months. Their background in PMI project mgt was very beneficial for those unfamiliar with Agile.
Chief Information Officer
Surescripts, LLC
Before we started working with LeadingAgile, we struggled with development timetables, visibility and the working relationship between development and the business. As the business owner, I learned what parts of the issues belonged to me, and where I had to improve. I also learned what parts of the agile process were not working as well as they could, and where our project planning, business analysis and development teams needed to improve. By having clarity on roles and responsibilities, discipline when it came to documenting and setting requirements, we moved beyond the conflict and wound up getting a lot done. Besides the knowledge shared, their coaches were great honest brokers for both the business and development. LeadingAgile coaches are good partners to have as we try to move faster and more successfully.
Nunzio Michael Lupo
Senior Director, Digital, Cox Media Group
As the director of Product Management, enabling our development teams to work efficiently on the right issues at the right time is of utmost importance to me. I can't say enough about how LeadingAgile helped to transform our organization from one that limped along on a "wanna be" agile methodology to one that utilizes regular schedules, processes, and techniques to be the best R&D organization we can be. LeadingAgile coaches were patient with those of us who were skeptical at the outset, and effectively showed us the benefits of the product owner team. They also gave us the tools that we need to take our huge, fuzzy ideas and turn them into something that could be somewhat accurately pointed. The difference between our previous (before LeadingAgile) release and our current release is night and day. LeadingAgile did an outstanding job spreading the gospel of effective implementations of agile.
Director of Product Management
Atlanta Software Provider
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Join Our Team

We are looking to hire mature, pragmatic agile consultants who believe what we believe about agile transformation, who have the right skills and experiences to broadly apply those beliefs, people who have executive presence and leadership ability and will bring deep understanding and empathy to address the needs of our clients. Oh, and more than likely, you’ll need to travel.

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